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Stewardship Pricing

Burnside's unique pricing model enables us to serve our clients as a confidant and to help them protect and manage their financial assets.  We help clients simplify and organize their money, investments, and taxes through ethical, personable, and proactive service.

We charge a flat subscription fee based on the estimated time and responsibility it takes to serve as a Financial Steward for each client. The industry standard is an "Asset Under Management" fee which is outmoded at best and unethical at worst.

Remember to take advantage of our 30-Days of Financial Tranquility Trial Offer to see if we can add value to your financial life.  Plus, you can try us out while you keep your current advisor.

Image by Tristan Colangelo


  • Burnside and Company is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Oregon.

  • Client pricing is quoted on a monthly basis for ease of communication but charged quarterly.

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