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Getting Started


Thank you for signing up for our 60-Day Trial Offer to experience Burnside and Company's tools, information, and services. 

On the reports there is a calculator, glasses, a pen and a notebook with the inscription T

STEP 1: Sign our service agreement and our initial privacy statement that authorizes Burnside and Company to serve as your financial advisor.


The agreement clearly states the 60-Day Trial Offer. We will send the documents via our online document signature service.


The ADV Part 2A-2B is our regulatory brochure with the state of Oregon.

STEP 2: Complete the Personal Finance Organization Questionnaire.


The questionnaire serves as a starting point in your quest for organization. It gives us an idea of where you have been, what you currently do, and what you want to accomplish in the future.



Note:  By design. we only have a paper version of the questionnaire.  Completing the information on paper allows for more thoughtful answers and open communication between couples.

STEP 3: Answer questions from Burnside and Company's online Risk Tolerance Survey.


The survey helps capture how you feel about investment risk. We actually assign you a "Personal Risk Number."

Play Video to Learn More about Risk Tolerance

STEP 4:  When the service agreement (Step 1), Personal Finance Organization Questionnaire (Step 2), and risk tolerance survey (Step 3) are complete, we will do the following:


  • Contact you to clarify any information or ask for additional information.

  • Setup a meeting two weeks out to discuss organizational strategy regarding:

  1. Money - Cash Flow

  2. Investments

  3. Taxes

  4. The Burnside Binder Utilization

  5. Technology Access

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