Who We Work With


We work with individuals that desire Financial Tranquility.

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Single Individuals


Many single individuals are independent by nature.  Others are single because of fate. 


Either way, it is great for tranquility to have a Financial Steward that helps with developing and  implementing financial strategies that are effective for non-married people.  Just as important, single individuals can really benefit from a "second-set-of-eyes" and a confidant regarding their money and assets.

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Couples Preparing for and in Retirement


There are many variables to consider when preparing for retirement.  We can help you get organized.  In addition, we can also help develop a “Philosophy of Life” that will challenge what it even means to be happy in retirement.

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Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Many ultra high net worth individuals have low cost basis stock that will never be sold.  In addition, they already have lawyers and accountants that provide highly specialized advice.  So why should these very successful individuals pay high fees to an investment advisor that will never recommend selling their legacy positions or for their periphery services that are not being utilized?

Burnside and Company has a unique pricing model that solves this problem.