Our Members


Most of our Members are professional service providers who have started small companies or have been responsible for the growth of those companies. 


Burnside and Company works well with:


  • Architects

  • Accountants

  • Engineers

  • Doctors and Nurses

  • Management Consultants  

  • Real Estate Agents


Professional service providers at small local companies thrive on helping clients on a personal basis and at the same time must be financially prudent.  Therefore, they have become dissatisfied with traditional investment advisors because of exaggerated investment prowess, concealed conflicts-of-interest, and shameless fees.

Retired Professional Service Providers

Many Professional Service Providers have created a substantial net worth through hard work, being smart, and taking some measured risks.  During retirement, it is important to reduce investment hazards and minimize fees since the financial game has already been won. 

Current Professional Service Providers

Working hard, taking education seriously, and sacrificing can get a person to a great place in their career.  As one grows older, it is important to have a retirement plan that allows for flexibility and encourages saving for retirement.  It is essential for individuals to take charge of their own financial well-being.