Investment Consulting

Surveys show that a majority of individuals are not happy with their investment advisors.  Everything from high fees to bad service turn people off.  At the same time, going it alone can be time-consuming and mentally challenging.  Therefore, Burnside and Company offers a service that combines the professional insight of an objective financial advisor with the autonomy of a self-directed investor.

How We Provide Support


  • Professional and objective insight based on our years of experience.

  • Efficient and effective software from financial technology developers.

  • Customized application software solutions built by Burnside and Company.

  • Valuable insight from external specialists in their area of knowledge.

Objective Insight


Burnside and Company only gets paid directly from our members.  There is no incentive for Burnside to push product, sell expensive services, or even acquire “assets under management”.  Furthermore, we stick with what we know.  If we don’t know, we will tell you and then refer you to an appropriate outside professional that also provides objective insight.

Software Solutions


When supporting clients with digital solutions, we utilize one or both of the following methods:

  • Efficient and effective software from financial technology developers

  • Customized application software solutions built by Burnside and Company.

Disruption and Innovation


  • We are passionate about finding and providing solutions that solve client frustrations with both "Fiduciary" and Wall Street Advisors.

  • We are small, nimble, and open-minded which allows us to try new technology fixes.

  • We opine about how the "Fiduciary" Advisor is a myth and other problems in the financial services industry.

Video Tutorials 
Measure Your Risk Tolerance


When building a personalized investment strategy, analyzing one's risk tolerance should be the first thing done.  Often, Independent Investors do not have access to sophisticated measurement tools.

Get Organized


Most financial planning software are either full of advertising or very "Advisor Driven".  Burnside & Co. offers a fin-tech solution that allows for a collaborative effort between an Independent Investor and their consultant.