Flat Fee Only Pricing


At Burnside and Co., we have come to realize that it is not in the client’s best interest to be charged the industry’s typical Assets Under Management (AUM) fee. This is what you mostly get from "Fee Only" Registered Investment Advisors and from Wealth Management Groups at Wall Street brokerage firms.

We are engineering a better way!

What’s an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee?

It’s when a "Fee Only" Registered Investment Advisor charges a percentage of assets for their help. If a client has a $1,000,000 investment account, and the advisor charges the industry standard 1%, then the client pays an annual fee of $10,000.

How Flat Fee Only Pricing Works

We estimate how many hours a month it will take to run a client’s specific portfolio and financial needs through our processes.  We track the estimated hours on our Monthly Multi-Point Report which summarizes the work being performed for a client.

The annual flat fee (charged quarterly) is the estimated hours per month x 12 months x our hourly rate.

Once the Flat Fee is set, clients can have peace-of-mind knowing that they will obtain true fiduciary insight.

Annually, we review the estimated hours per month (from the Monthly Multi-Point Inspection Report) to see if it needs to be adjusted up or down.