Meet The Team


At Burnside & Co., our loyal and experienced point person for our members is John Burnside.


Mr. Burnside is backed by thousands of professionals through best-of-breed software solutions, research sources, and financial operation providers. 


This setup is ideal for Professional Service Providers and  Independent Investors looking for support.  One trusted contact along with multiple unaffiliated vendors that can be utilized or exchanged. 

John Burnside, AIF® PPC®

Investment Advisor and Director of Member Services


Mr. Burnside has worked in financial services since 1993.  With industry experience at Wall Street brokers, a discount broker, and a registered investment advisor, he is very well situated to help Independent Investors navigate the world of investing.

John Burnside earned both the AIF® and the PPC® Designations in 2019. Attainment of the AIF® and PPC® Designation demonstrates understanding of the Prudent Practices® and methodology.

P: 503-658-3138