The Journey to Financial Tranquility

Financial Tranquility is the key to a happy life.

Personal Tranquility is when an individual is free from agitation of mind or spirit. 


Financial Tranquility is when one understands that money is both necessary and important, but at the same time, knowing that by itself, does not free the mind and spirit from anxiety.

To reach Financial Tranquility, one can do the following:

  • Mindset:  Appreciate the people and possessions currently in your life  •  Analyze what naturally makes you happy  •  Streamline your current situation or make desired changes  •  Don't pay attention to or care what others think or say about your economic choices.

  • Strategy:  Put together an investment strategy focusing on what can be implemented in the present.  Understanding that the past is Fate and that the future is unknowable.  •  Eliminate expenses that do not make you happy, do not add value to your life, or are not moral obligations.

  • Service:  Employ a loyal financial service professional that is knowledgeable, timely, transparent, and truly avoids conflict-of-interest business practices.

Image by Jordane Mathieu