Independent Investors


Independent Investors are industrious men and women that want to take personal responsibility for their own investment success.  They are capable of using available technology tools and have the mindset to perform financial transactions. However, because of time constraints and the knowledge that "two heads are better than one", they seek advice from objective consultants when making both strategic and individual investment decisions.

In contrast, a self-directed investor is left to their own demise and an investment advisor client is at the mercy of the advisor's processes, fees, and investment decisions.

We have found that business owners, corporate executives, and engineers are good candidates to become Independent Clients.


Why Not Just Be a Self-Directed Investor?

  • Secure a sense of empowerment and confidence.

  • Avoid expensive asset-based management fees.

  • No longer being subjected to under performance from advisors.

  • Drop overcharges for financial services not being used.

  • Escape the pompous investment advisor that never returns your calls.

  • Can be time consuming.

  • The amount of information available is overwhelming.

  • Technology tools can be hard to learn.

  • Having a sense of isolation.

  • Psychologically challenging during market upheaval.

At Burnside and Company, we have a business model that can support independent investors by offering services that aim to both accentuate the advantages and greatly reduce the disadvantages of being a self-directed investor.  We can customize an offering for their specific needs, experience, and time constraints.  We track the work we do on our Quarterly Multi-Point Inspection Report, which is then provided to clients.