Member Pricing Levels

Individuals that are pursuing their financial goals can often benefit from professional insight and useful tools.  At the same time, reducing the cost of investing is critical to long-term success.  At Burnside and Company, we have engineered a pricing model that balances these two realities. 


In addition, becoming a Member allows for price certainty and a cap on spending as your portfolio grows.

Burnside Toolbox

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Goal Advocate

  • Interactive Retirement Planning Software

  • Personal Finance Software Support

  • Custom Financial Calculators

  • Pro Forma Financial Statements

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Knowledge Base

Investment Consulting

  • Development of an Investment Strategy

  • Personal Risk Analysis

  • Portfolio Risk Measurement

  • Asset Allocation Guidance

  • Investment Ratings and Recommendations

  • Performance Reporting

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Proactive Communication

Investment Management

  • Financial Securities Trading

  • Asset Allocation Rebalancing

  • Daily Transaction Watch

  • Money Transfers

  • General Account Maintenance


  • Burnside and Company is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Oregon.

  • Member pricing is quoted on a monthly basis for ease of communication but charged quarterly.