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30-Days of Financial Tranquility

We value speaking with prospective clients about professionally organizing their finances and helping them find peace with their finances. All individuals can be significantly helped in their financial journey when an experienced financial professional guides them.


We further appreciate that selecting an advisor can be difficult for prospective clients. Therefore, to provide new clients with peace of mind as they consider developing a long-term relationship with our firm, Burnside does not charge any advisory fees for an initial thirty (30) day trial period.   


To set expectations, a new client does need to sign an Advisory Agreement so that we can legally provide them with service. But we will only begin charging new clients a fee after this trial period has concluded and when the new client indicates they are delighted with our service and want to continue with Burnside and Company.

Image by Adam Stefanca

Already have an Investment Advisor?


Feel free to keep your existing advisor while you try us out. We can do a pure simulation, or you can deposit a minor amount of money, and we can demonstrate our capability on a smaller scale.

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